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Make a Clean Winter Getaway With a Run Through the Automatic Car Wash

The winter freeze-thaw cycle is in full effect here in the Kalamazoo area, and we’re all seeing a buildup of winter dirt, fuel based chemicals, salts, and sand on our vehicles. An automatic car wash is the easiest way to deal with these corrosive substances, both for keeping your vehicle looking and running great.

Know what’s on the road. We’ve all seen the mess winter roads make on our vehicles. The white film coating the upper areas, and the black mess sprayed along running boards, bumpers and tailgates. Winter car grime is a corrosive mix of sodium chloride (rock salt), calcium chloride, potassium chloride, urea, magnesium chloride, sodium acetate, calcium magnesium acetate, and ammonium nitrate, often combined with sand for additional traction. And don’t forget the oils and fuels already on the roads that join the mix and end up on your vehicle.

It’s not only about looks. Yes, your vehicle will look better without all the winter grime layered on, and as a bonus, you’ll also be preventing future damage from rust. Road sand and salt are essential for keeping tire traction, but they are also responsible for causing and accelerating pitting and rust. The longer the exposure, the stronger the consequences.

Don’t forget what’s on the inside. We all want the exterior of our vehicles to look great, but our automatic car washes also remove the grime and chemicals from your undercarriage, wheel wells, and other machinery. Brakes, your suspension, these are all affected by the daily winter drive.

Save yourself money with regular trips to the car wash. We all know that body repair or a trip to your mechanic is expensive, and feels even more so when caused by a preventable issue. Even if you can’t make weekly trips happen, make sure you’re finding your way to a car wash more than once a month. Our state of the art machinery will wash away the winter grime with soft water, getting you back on the road with a clean car, van, or truck!

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