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Keep Your Car’s Exterior Free From Ice Scraper Scratchers this Winter

Snow and ice not only prove dangerous for drivers in Michigan, they can also cause a lot of inconvenience. Drivers may need to get up earlier to leave enough time to brush and scrape off their car before work, as well as not being able to jump in and go after they leave work. This haste can mean haphazard scraping which could result in scrapes on your vehicle’s paint. Ensuring proper ice removal from your vehicle is definitely an important component in keeping your car looking good. In this post, we will look at a few of the ways to keep your car free from ice scraper damage in the winter.

Let your car warm up: Starting your car and letting it run is not only good for your engine and your sanity by keeping you warm, it also makes cleaning the ice and snow off of your vehicle much easier. If you have it, be sure to also turn on your rear defrost to clear off your back windshield.

Use the proper tools: Do not use anything made of metal or anything that’s not intended to be used to scrape ice. There are many different sizes and types of ice scrapers on the marker. Find one that works for you.

Avoid scraping the body: Ice scrapers are only intended to be used to remove ice and snow from windshields and windows. Trying to use the scraper on a painted surface could very easily scratch your paint.

Remove salt from your vehicle: Wiping down your vehicle while there is salt on it could damage your vehicles finish or paint.

If you do experience scratches or other damage on your vehicle from ice and snow removal, do not hesitate to contact Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center in Kalamazoo.

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