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A Car Wash and Wax Protects from Salty Winter Roads

Winter is here once again, and that means it’s the best time to get a quality car wash and wax from Clean Getaway Car Wash. Every time that ice and snow form on our roads, the salt trucks come out, and sometimes our car’s paint can suffer for it. When you come to Clean Getaway Car Wash, you can make sure to take proper care of your vehicle for the winter by giving it the car wash and wax that it needs.

Only the best

Clean Getaway Car Wash of Kalamazoo uses Turtle brand wax and shiner for your vehicle, meaning you get a tried and true product to keep your vehicle looking great. Each level above our regular wash cycle for your vehicle at our Crossroads location applies a dependable wax coating that can help to keep the mess of winter’s salty roads from affecting your paint in any way.

Wash every part

Driving on slush covered winter roads can make your tires kick up salty snow into your wheel-well, undercarriage, and onto the sides of your vehicle. When you come to Clean Getaway Car Wash, even with our regular wash at the Crossroads location, you get not only a wash and spot-free rinse, but you also get wheel and tire cleaner as well as an undercarriage flush.

As gentle as possible

The Kalamazoo location of Clean Getaway Car Wash has the option for you to go touchless with your wash, giving you the gentlest way to wash your car without damaging the paint. With the same full-body wash options available as the Crossroads location, your vehicle can get every part cleaned in a safe and efficient way.

Locally owned and operated for over 40 years, Clean Getaway Car Wash has the top-of-the-line products and services that you need to keep your vehicle free from grime this winter. With two locations easily accessible to anyone in the greater Kalamazoo area, Clean Getaway can help you get the perfect car wash and wax today!

Keep Your Pooch Clean with the Evolution Self-Service Dog Wash at Clean Getaway

For over six years, Clean Getaway has had an Evolution self-service dog wash at its Kalamazoo location at KL Ave and Drake. In no time, the Evolution self-service dog wash was a hit because of its convenience, ease of use, affordability, and quality grooming products. Last year, because of the Kalamazoo location’s success, we decided to add another dog wash at our Portage location by Crossroads Mall in Portage.

One of the main reasons dog owners love the dog wash in Kalamazoo and Portage at Clean Getaway is because it features a tub that elevates so that your dog can easily get into the wash area without needing to be picked up and lifted into the air. This lifting action can be unsafe for not only your dog, but yourself as well; especially when trying to lift medium to large dogs which are often the ones that are bathed at self-service dog wash stations.

The TropiClean grooming products we use are all natural, soap-free, and safe! After you secure your dog in the wash area, a gentle berry shampoo is released directly through the rinse hose. The shampoo is then rinsed out and a flea and tick shampoo is applies and rinsed. Once the two shampoos are done a kiwi conditioner is applied and rinsed followed by a high/low blow dry and disinfectant.

At Clean Getaway, we offer Portage and Kalamazoo’s premier dog wash station. For your convenience all methods of payment are accepted. If you have been looking for a convenient and easy way to wash your dog with safest, highest quality grooming products, do not hesitate to check us out by Crossroads Mall in Portage or on Drake near KL in Kalamazoo!

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