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Warming Weather Means Opportunities to Use a Self-Service Car Wash in Kalamazoo

Although mornings may still be brisk, we are starting to see signs of warming weather with the start of spring, and that means you can take advantage of the best self-service car wash in Kalamazoo. Clean Getaway Car Wash has self-service stations available to every guest to take washing their vehicle into their own hands. Whether it is a car, truck, van, or even motorcycle, your vehicle can get the clean that it needs.

Bays for all visitors

With Clean Getaway, you get a car wash that always has space available to anyone in need of a great wash. With 7 bays available for self-service car washing, there is always an opening for guests. One of the bays at our KL/Drake location in Kalamazoo even has a self-service Air Shammee that can help you to blow dry all the hard-to-reach places of your vehicle, making it the ideal tool for cleaning a motorcycle. Each bay gives auto owners the space they need to navigate around their vehicle with our equipment and clean everything as best as possible.

Cleaning at a self-service car wash in Kalamazoo

We know that our guests need the best materials to clean their vehicle, so our self-service car wash in Kalamazoo provides only top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning products to give the best clean with every visit. Whether you live on a dirt road and frequently need to stop in, or want to touch up the exterior of your vehicle every few weeks, there’s always a time to get your vehicle the clean it needs with Clean Getaway. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can come in whenever suits you best.

Proudly serving the Kalamazoo area as the premier self-service car wash in Kalamazoo, you can enjoy some time spent in nicer weather by giving your vehicle the clean it needs. Stop by today to see the Clean Getaway difference.

Clean Getaway’s Self-Service Dog Wash is Great for Dogs of All Sizes

Clean Getaway has operated Evolution self-service dog washes since 2012. Having looked at a lot of options, Evolution was an instant hit because of its affordability, ease of use, and quality grooming products. Made for small, medium, and large dogs, our self-service dog wash is a great way to keep your pooch clean without making a mess at home (especially if you have a large dog). Also, with the cold weather, washing your dog outside is not an option, so into the tub/shower they go!

Convenience and ease of use is why the self-service dog wash in Kalamazoo and Portage at Clean Getaway is so popular! It features a tub that elevates so that your dog can easily get into the wash area without needing to be picked up and lifted into the air. This lifting action can be unsafe for not only your dog, but yourself as well; especially when trying to lift medium to large dogs which are often the ones that are bathed at self-service dog wash stations.

Dog wash instructions

Our dog wash features TropiClean grooming products that are all natural, soap-free, and safe. After your dog is secure in the wash area a gentle berry shampoo will be released right through the rinse hose. The shampoo is then rinsed out and a flea and tick shampoo is applies and rinsed. Once the two shampoos are done a kiwi conditioner is applied and rinsed followed by a high/low blow dry and disinfectant.

At Clean Getaway, we offer Portage and Kalamazoo’s premier dog wash station. For your convenience all methods of payment are accepted. If you have been looking for a convenient and easy way to wash your dog with safest, highest quality grooming products, do not hesitate to check us out by Crossroads Mall in Portage or on Drake near KL in Kalamazoo!

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