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Save Money, Time, and Your Back with Clean Getaway’s Self-service Dog Wash

Summer is finally upon us in Southwest Michigan, and that means taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors! After being cooped up all winter, Michiganders and their furry friends are spending more time exploring all the beautiful places that make up Pure Michigan. Dogs everywhere rejoice as they tear through mud, dig up bones, and let loose at the dog park. However, all those walks, trips to the parks, and dips in the lake may have left your dog smelling less than fresh.

It may be tempting to just spray your pooch down with the hose outside or lift them into the tub inside your home, but the cold water from the hose outside or constant bending over a tub can leave you and your dog feeling less than refreshed. You also need to research and purchase your own products and spend time cleaning the muddy fur from the drains, not to mention the pile of laundry from all the towels to dry them off. Usually, the clean-up takes even longer than the bathing, and if you bathed your dog indoors your bathroom will have that lingering wet dog smell! You could drop your furry best friend off at an expensive groomer, but that can mean inconvenient reservations, long wait times, and a stressed-out pup. Clean Getaway can provide you with the optimal self-service dog wash option that will save your wallet, your time, your back, and your dog’s nerves!

Clean Getaway’s self-service dog wash is the solution to these annoying problems with no reservations needed and just $10.00 for 10 minutes of service. The Evolution self-service dog wash stations features an elevating wash tub to safely raise your dog to the ideal level, this is much safer than raised basins that you need to lift your dog up into. Once in position, you will be able to wash your dog with the included TropiClean products that are all dispensed right through the rinse hose! TropiClean products are all-natural and soap-free, including a gentle Berry Shampoo wash, Flea & Tick Shampoo, and a lovely Kiwi Conditioner. These safe and effective products will leave your dog feeling clean and refreshed and help encourage a healthy coat and skin. With the high-quality products dispensing directly through the hose, it is easy to ensure a thorough wash. Clean Getaway’s Evolution self-service dog wash also features a built-in blow dryer, so you do not need to worry about wringing out countless towels or transporting a wet dog in your car. The blow dryer will significantly reduce drying time and helps to loosen the dead hairs that can then be quickly brushed out. This is especially a bonus for curly haired dogs, the professional dryer will help with de-matting and smoothing their coat in a way that towels and brushing alone cannot achieve. Even with all these amazing features, one of the best parts of Clean Getaway’s self-service dog wash is that our friendly employees take care of the clean up! No more worrying about clogging your own drains, laundering piles of towels, or tufts of fur blowing around your yard. With Clean Getaway’s Self-Service Dog Wash, you and your best friend will get in, get clean, and get back to the beautiful outdoors of Pure Michigan!

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