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Prepare your Car for the Winter Months

Clean Getaway Auto Detailing in Kalamazoo knows the importance of keeping your car washed, especially in preparation for winter. Some of the benefits of a clean car are a longer vehicle life, safer driving, and improved fuel economy. At Clean Getaway Car Wash, we provide you with a supplemental variety of car wash methods that will best suit your vehicle’s needs.

Longer Vehicle Life

There are a few things that Clean Getaway does with its auto detailing service that can keep your vehicle in prime condition. When you choose our waxing feature that is available through our deluxe carwash, it helps keep your car’s paint in great shape by getting rid of the natural dirt and salts that corrode the body of your vehicle over time. This degree of cleanliness also extends to the engine of your vehicle because a regular wiping can prevent buildup of debris that can potentially damage the lifespan of your engine. While waxing and keeping your engine clean are important in extended useability, keeping the inside of your car clean is also pertinent for forgoing long-standing stains and bacteria buildup.

Safer Driving

Dirty windows and rear-view windows can reduce your visibility when driving and in turn, potentially cause accidents. The same goes for dirty headlights, especially at night or during bad weather, the dulled illumination can be detrimental to your safety. When your windows are clean, you can be more aware of what is going on around you and better use your peripheral vision. There are also health benefits to keeping your car clean, such as being able to breathe easier without the dust and residue that build up on seats and flooring – providing a healthier, safer car ride.

Improved Fuel Economy

When you choose our car wash, we will clean your car inside and out. Did you know that the dirt inside your engine can make it work harder? This is due to the increased drag on the vehicle. So, a good car washing does more than just make your vehicle sparkle, it makes it run smoother as well.

Your vehicle is welcome here at Clean Getaway Auto Detailing and Car Wash and together, we can keep your vehicle at its best. So, stop in today and prepare your car or truck for the upcoming winter months. Interested in giving the gift of a car wash? Purchase one of our Clean Getaway gift cards or monthly memberships for a loved one to show you care.

Where There is a Will, There is a Clean Getaway!

Clean Getaway Car Wash has been locally owned and operated since 1974. Our staff is fully trained, certified, and ready to help you with your service needs. Not only is our staff full trained, but they attend the Detailing Success Auto Detail Training and Knowledge conference in Big Bear City, California for their certifications. We take pride in the quality of our detail and wash services, constantly updating our products and procedures to keep up with modern technologies and better high-end products.

Car Wash Packages

At Clean Getaway, we offer three car wash packages. The regular car wash package for $7.00 that includes a bug eliminator, pre-soak, rocker blaster, spot free rinse, wheel and tire cleaner, undercarriage flush, and a high velocity dry. Our deluxe wash has the regular services, as well as a high pressure clean, underbody protectant, wheel brightener, turtle wax triple shine, and turtle wax blazin’ glaze for $12.00. Our Fire and Ice wash is a premier wash with a turtle wax fire bath clean/protect, turtle wax fire wax, turtle wax instant shine, and a 48-hour rain guarantee with receipt code for only $17.00! Whether you are looking to get the grime off your car or are looking for added protection, Clean Getaway has got you covered.

Interior Services

In addition to our three car wash options, we also offer a hand drying service, an express interior auto detailing service, a self-service dog wash, and self-service vacuuming. Our express interior services are only $24.99 with the purchase of a car wash! Included with this service are exterior and interior window cleaning, dashboard and center console cleaning, seat and floor vacuuming, and the floor mats. There is no appointment necessary either and this cleaning only takes 15-20 minutes of your time. In addition to this, we offer floor mat shampooing for $15 (all four mats!), a hand wheel cleaning for $3.99, a hand applied tire dressing for $3.99, a hand dry option for $4.99, and snow/ice removal for $4.99. If you are in a hurry, our self-service vacuums are free!

Dog Wash

Our self-service dog wash has quickly become a customer favorite! The Clean Getaway Dog Wash features a wash tub that elevates for easy access and eliminates the hardship that comes with getting your dog into the basin. We also provide washing and conditioning products right through the rinse hose, making it not only convenient, but a quick and easy wash for your dog. Our cleaning products are all natural and soap free as well! Don’t worry about cleaning up either, we’ve got you covered.

Stop into Clean Getaway today for our three service cleans. Where there is a will, there is a Clean Getaway!

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