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Gift your Dog a Pampered Wash

At Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center, we offer more than just a wash for your car. We also provide a self-service wash for your dog. Our self-service dog wash has quickly become a customer favorite due to its ease and efficiency! It features a wash tub that elevates and is large enough for any size pooch, making it a convenient alternative to your bathtub.

At our self-service dog wash, you do not have to worry about cleaning out the dirt and hair like you would in your own tub because our employees will do it for you after each visit. This quick and mess-free method is the perfect way to get your dog ready for the winter months with a shiny, clean coat. At Clean Getaway there are no reservations required and it is open for the entirety of our regular business hours. So, while your car is getting cleaned, so can your precious pup! To make it even more convenient, we accept any form of payment at our dog wash.

Self-Service Dog Wash Steps

Clean Getaway’s self-service dog wash is by Evolution and uses TropiClean products, which are natural and soap-free. Now, soap-free doesn’t mean that your pup won’t get washed, it simply means that there is no risk of getting any toxic chemicals in their eyes.

The first step in the process is a gentle berry shampoo wash that is dispensed directly through the hose and followed by a rinse. The berry shampoo is followed by a gentle flea and tick shampoo and rinse. The third step is applying a kiwi conditioner to get your pet’s coat to shine. You can then dry off your dog with a high or low blow dry in the disinfection tub.

Our service is $10.00 for 10 minutes of service and it will leave your dog looking as brand new as your car. If you have any questions regarding our self-service dog wash, please contact us online or by phone at (269) 329-1132. Our regular car wash hours are Monday-Saturday from 7AM-7PM and Sunday from 8AM-6PM. Our express interior hours are Monday-Saturday from 8AM-6PM and Sunday, 10AM-5PM.


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