7 Tips to Lengthen Your Car’s Life from Your Kalamazoo Auto Detailing Center

Nip problems in the bud. If you notice anything if off about your vehicle whether it be something that looks, smells, or sounds out of the ordinary, it’s important to have it checked out. If you wait too long it can turn into a much larger problem that is much more costly.

Practice good driving habits. Practicing good driving habits will not only lessen your chances of getting in an accident but will also help reduce wear and tear on your vehicle that can come from quick acceleration and braking.

Keep the inside clean. Just vacuuming and wiping down your vehicle’s interior is not enough. You should definitely consider purchasing high quality, all weather mats as well as applying upholstery or leather conditioner and protectant.

Properly maintain your vehicle’s fluids. You should also follow the recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. Besides that, checking your fluids regularly is crucial to identifying some problems before they become bigger and more costly.

Maintain wax coating on the exterior. Maintaining the wax coating on your vehicle goes beyond just making it look nice. You should have your car waxed at least twice per year in order to properly protect it against chemicals and natural elements.

If new, break your car in properly. When you buy a vehicle, you need to be aware that there is an initial maximum speed. You should also accelerate lightly for at least the first 1,000 miles in order to break it in.

Build a relationship with a trusted mechanic. It’s important to have a mechanic you trust for regular maintenance on your vehicle as well as for repairs.

Keeping your vehicle’s interior and exterior clean and well-maintained is extremely important and will help extend the life of your vehicle. Do not hesitate to contact Clean Getaway auto detailing in Kalamazoo to make an appointment today!