Cool Off in Summer Heat with a Self-Service Car Wash in Kalamazoo

After going through an intense heat wave, we’re all really feeling summer in full swing, and you can cool down any day you need to with Clean Getaway’s self-service car wash in Kalamazoo. An effective way to cool off through mist from spraying your car, the self-service stations provided by Clean Getaway also provide everything you need to give your car the summer wash it needs.

Proper cleaning

Rather than use whatever cleaning products you have lying around the house, the cleaning products offered by Clean Getaway are the latest-and-greatest in the industry, providing your vehicle with the cleaning it needs. Gentle on paint and made to give your vehicle a lasting shine, the products at our self-service car wash in Kalamazoo are the best product for your cleaning.

The right tools

Clean Getaway Car Wash not only has the proper cleaning products for you to use when cooling off with a self-service car wash, we also have properly maintenance and effective equipment for you to give your vehicle the best cleaning possible. With high quality bay meters, booms, and wands, you can reach everywhere you need to on your vehicle to get out even the toughest mud spots, bug spots, and more.

Bring a furry friend

While giving your vehicle a clean, you can bring along your canine companion for some cleaning as well! Another great way to cool off in the intense heat of the summer, our top-of-the-line self-service dog wash can give your pet the wash they need while keeping you comfortable in the heat.

With over 40 years in the greater Kalamazoo area as a locally owned and operated business, Clean Getaway has the reputation for customer service and quality you can expect out of a car wash. Next time you need to clean your car and want a way to cool off in the summer heat, stop by Clean Getaway!