Don’t Let the Weather Control Car Maintenance and Trips to the Automatic Car Wash

Are you disappointed that the sloshy weather here in Kalamazoo seems to mess up the beautiful results of your automatic car wash? Don’t despair! Your vehicle is quietly grateful that you’ve taken the time to wash off the accumulation of road grime that is inevitable this time of year. Show those snow clouds who the boss is and keep your vehicle shining on the road this winter.

Old Man Winter Can’t Trick Us. Yes, we’ve all seen someone over the last couple weeks walking around in shorts, and while we appreciate their hutzpah, we all know that the snow is coming back. Getting your vehicle cleaned up to remove the accumulation of chemicals that are coating every inch of the exterior of our cars is a welcome relief for your paint job. Removing road sand and salt is the key to preventing pitting and rust caused by long term exposure.

Never Surrender To The Winter Blues. Sure, sometimes it feels like we’re shoveling the snow to make room for more snow, but spring is always around the corner. In the meantime, get your car down to the automatic car wash to give your undercarriage some welcome relief from the grit that has found its way into your wheel wells, brakes and suspension. Keeping up on visits to the car wash will knock down the buildup that is affecting your brakes, wheel wells, and suspension.

Yes, It’s Probably Going To Snow Again. And Again. We’re used to unpredictable weather, even when we don’t like it. Keeping our vehicles clean is one way to make sure there isn’t long-term damage to our vehicles when summer rolls around. As you put the car in neutral and let the car wash take over, know that everything from the foaming presoak to the high-pressure rinse will help you protect your vehicle from the elements. Treat yourself to the Ultimate, which also includes the double foaming presoak, undercarriage wash, a heated double foaming presoak, wheel blaster, dual tire & wheel cleaner, triple foam conditioner, and even a dynamic clear coat rinse.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon at any of our three locations in Kalamazoo and Portage.