End Summer Drives with the Best Car Wash in Kalamazoo

While we are all looking for things to do while maintaining social distancing, you can end summer drives that you take by stopping in at the best car wash in Kalamazoo. Clean Getaway Car Wash can be the perfect end to any weekend drives you take this summer to get out and enjoy some fresh air, and the effective cleaning products and system that our car wash utilizes can ensure that whatever you encounter and wherever you go, your day ends with a clean vehicle.

In the air

With summer comes pollen, and, if you’re driving out on country roads this summer for enjoyment, your car is sure to accumulate some. Adding an unpleasant matte yellow tint to your otherwise glossy paint, pollen can be a certain nuisance to deal with during the summer. With Clean Getaway Car Wash, you can easily wash away pollen from your vehicle while protecting its paint with a car wash and wax. Car paint jobs don’t come cheap, and you can more easily protect yours while making it look great with Clean Getaway.

For the adventurous

While getting out of the house for a drive during COVID, you may be on the more adventurous side and find yourself going through muddy roads. Although you can clean off mud that is caked on to your cars siding and wheel wells, as well as the under carriage of your car, it can be taken care of much easier when you stop in at the best car wash in Kalamazoo. Clean Getaways strong cleaning products and effective cleaning tools ensure that your vehicle gets all mud removed, helping your car look like new after a fun afternoon spent on back roads.

Locally owned and always ready to help, Clean Getaway Car Wash is your best stop for a quality car cleaning. If you have summer drives planned this summer, stop in and get the clean you need after it’s done