Enjoy Cool Waters When Using Our Self-Serve Dog Wash

As we get closer to fall and winter, we get closer to cooler temperatures that will make you lose your chance to use Clean Getaway’s self-serve dog wash. The last bit of warmer weather is still here, which makes it the perfect time for you to bring your canine companion to Clean Getaway Car Wash and give them a hands-on bath that can leave them cleaner than ever.

In and out

If you need to wash your dog but do not have much time to spend on it in your day, the Evolution dog wash system that we carry is designed to make the process easier, and thus, faster. The controls are easy to manage, and the design is meant to help you keep your dog in one place, so the wash doesn’t take longer than it needs to.

All in one

Our self-serve dog wash in Kalamazoo has everything you need to get your dog cleaned right on the spot! Capable of dispensing all natural, soap-free pet cleaning products, Clean Getaway Car Wash’s dog wash has the resources for you to get your dog clean without you having to bring any supplies with you (other than maybe a towel). All you must do is insert payment, choose your options, and get started with your cleaning!

No hassle

The simple design of the self-serve dog wash at Clean Getaway Car Wash helps you wash you dog without any strain. The tub inside can elevate to prevent you from hurting your back while cleaning your furry friend. This, along with the long-reaching hose and ease of use means your time spent using our self-serve dog wash is no hassle at all.

Clean Getaway Car Wash in Kalamazoo has the self-service and automatic car washes, as well as self-serve dog wash in Kalamazoo you can depend on. With quality facilities and efficient cleaning supplies, stop in and get the wash you need done today!