Find Enjoyment in a Self-Service Dog Wash this Summer

With capacities limited and many locations and events still closed this summer, individuals may be struggling to find something to do, and that’s where Clean Getaway’s self-service dog wash comes in. Quarantine has been a strain on everyone, especially with there being less to do in the summer when we’d all normally be going out and having fun in the sun. So, Clean Getaway is still providing our dog wash for individuals who wish to get out of the house and have some fun with their dog using a creative way to get them clean.

Everything provided

By purchasing a session at the self-service dog wash at Clean Getaway Car Wash, you get everything provided that you need to give your pup the clean it needs. A full-size washing area that can fit any dog gives you hoses to reach every part of your furry friend’s body, from head to tail. These hoses also dispense professional-grade soap that is safe for dogs alongside the water they pump out. All of these components come together to create the best washing experience for your dog that you can appreciate thanks to the ease of use through effective design.

Cool off in hot weather

We’ve had some real scorchers of days recently, and, by using the self-service dog wash at Clean Getaway, you can do an activity with your dog that is sure to cool both of you off, at least for a while. With your pup splashing around in our specially designed tub and you spraying them down, you can both cool off on any day where the temperatures are reaching the level of miserable with how hot it is.

Open 7 days a week and always ready to help, Clean Getaway’s self-service dog wash is a great way to spend some of your days this summer when so many other activities aren’t available. Contact us today to learn more or stop in to give your dog the clean it needs!