4 Auto Cleaning Tips for Winter from Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center

In Michigan, your vehicle is exposed to all sorts of hazards during the winter, including dirt and grime, salt, ice, and snow. Besides the unattractive look of salt covering your vehicle, these hazards can cause serious damage to your paint surface, or even worse, create rust. While it’s best to have your car detailed professionally by Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center this winter, you should also take care of your car at home by following the four tips in this blog post.

Frequent car washes

Washing the salt off of your vehicle is an incredibly important part of keeping rust at bay. Paying special attention to your fenders, bumpers, undercarriage, and wheels, make sure salt is sprayed off regularly to prevent rust.

Use paint protectant

Using a paint sealant, like wax, will provide your car with more protection and help keep salt and snow from sticking to its exterior. It will also help prevent chips or other marks from damaging your paint.

Keep a clean interior

The snow and salt from your boots can wreak havoc on your car’s interior. The good news is, the carpet is easy to clean if you regularly clean it. Once of the easiest ways is to use a firm brush with a solution of half distilled vinegar and half water.

Care for your undercarriage and wheels

Like paint protectant, adding a protective sealant to your undercarriage and wheels will help to prevent rust. A rusted undercarriage can create a safety concern and, as we all know, it does not take rust long to spread to other parts of your vehicle!