Get a Quick, No Hassle Car Wash with our Drive-Up Services!

Clean Car Getaway knows that its customers have busy lives and that is why we offer our car wash drive-up services! For those days when your car needs a quick wipe down, but you have limited time. In addition to our drive-up services, we also have a full-service car wash and self-serve dog wash. Don’t drive around in a dirty car, especially in the winter when the salt easily corrodes your exterior, stop into the Clean Car Getaway today!

Drive-Up Services

At our auto-detailing Center, we have three car wash options as well as our drive-up services. Our drive-up services do not require an appointment and only takes 15-20 minutes once we start on your vehicle! We offer our express interior services that are only $29.99 when purchased with a car wash. With the purchase of our express interior services, you get your windows cleaned, the dashboard and center console wiped, the seats and floors vacuumed, and the floor mats cleaned. Cracks and crevices are NOT included but can added for an additional fee/time commitment. Additional express interior services that can be purchased as an add-on are floor mat shampooing, hand wheel cleaning, hand drying, and snow and ice removal. We also have free self-service vacuums.

Car Wash Options

Our car wash options are our regular wash, deluxe wash, and the fire and ice wash. With our regular wash for only $7.00 you get a presoak, bug eliminator (summer), rocker blaster, spot free rinse, wheel and tire cleaner, undercarriage flush, and a high velocity dry for your vehicle. Clean Getaway’s deluxe wash comes with everything the regular wash does, as well as a high pressure clean, underbody protectant, wheel brightener, a turtle wax triple shine, and a turtle wax blazin’ glaze!

If you want a true clean for your vehicle then investigate our fire and ice wash. This wash comes with everything stated above as well as a turtle wax fire bath that cleans and protects, a turtle wax instant shine, and a 48-hour rain guarantee!

At Clean Getaway Car Wash and Express Interior Auto Detailing, we provide you with the best clean for your vehicle with no appointment necessary. In a hurry? No worries! Our drive-up services can get you in and out quickly, with no hassle. Contact us today or stop in during our work hours: Monday-Saturday from 7AM-7PM or Sunday from 8AM-6PM.