Get Back Outdoors after Isolation with a Self-Service Car Wash in Kalamazoo

With all of us going a little stir-crazy during times of isolation and virus concerns, you can enjoy time in the sun once it’s all passed over with the best self-service car wash in Kalamazoo. Clean Getaway Car Wash in Kalamazoo understands how trying this time can be for many, and that’s why we’re proud to offer our self-service car wash as not only a way to get out and enjoy some nice weather when we can, but also a great way to get your vehicle the cleaning it deserves.

Take your time

Once you finally have the opportunity to get out in the sun again without concern and decide on getting your car a wash, you can take the time to enjoy the weather with a self-service car wash in Kalamazoo. Although our automatic car wash will still give you a great clean, with our self-service stations, you can still get a great wash that you can spend time doing. You can get as thorough as you please when you wash with your own hands, and get the clean you need on your own time.

Fine touches

You know your vehicles better than anyone, so you know where all the hard-to-reach places are at that might not get hit as well as you want them to. No matter where those nooks and crannies on your vehicle might be, with a self-service car wash in Kalamazoo from Clean Getaway Car Wash, you have the tools necessary to help you spray away even some of the toughest grime. And, with Clean Getaway’s top-of-the-line cleaners that you can take advantage of, your car will get the best wash it’s gotten in perhaps a long time.

When you want a great place to spend some time outside after virus concerns have passed and also get a great wash for your car, Clean Getaway Car Wash of Kalamazoo has everything you need to get it done right.