Get Clean and Protected with Your Auto Wash in Kalamazoo

As you drive around this fall, you can trust the clean that your vehicle receives at Clean Getaway, your auto wash in Kalamazoo. Offering the best car washing experience in the greater Kalamazoo area, Clean Getaway has the modern car wash that uses all the latest-and-greatest tools and cleaning chemicals to ensure that your vehicle stays spotless. We pride ourselves in providing this great cleaning with added protection, and you can get yours every fall by simply stopping in.

Invest in your vehicle’s future

When you get an auto wash in Kalamazoo, you should look for a car wash that not only gets your vehicle clean, but also gives you confidence knowing that its paint is being protected beyond the wash. At both our automotive locations your vehicle will get effectively washed, with the option of additional protectants. Whether it’s the ultimate clear coat protectant or Turtle brand wax giving your paint the additional layers of protection against the elements that best serve it, our car wash will help your vehicle’s exterior last longer through quality cleaning and treatment.

Even, perfect washes

Compared to outdated, inefficient washing, Clean Getaway’s auto wash in Kalamazoo utilizes state-of-the-art technology that provides an even clean every time you visit. Our machines measure your vehicle, figuring out its size so that they make sure to distance sprayers evenly when giving your vehicle its wash. This guarantees an even wash that will not miss any of the details. With this, our soft water, and professional cleaning products, your vehicle will be cleaner than ever after you visit.

Locally owned and operated, Clean Getaway Car Wash in Kalamazoo can give you the professional auto wash in Kalamazoo that will protect your vehicle’s exterior best. Stop in today to see what we have to offer and get your vehicle cleaned!