Guarantee Coverage and Cleanliness with the Best Car Wash and Wax in Kalamazoo

With debris from trees littering some of the less-travelled roads, and winter slowly creeping its way closer, you can protect your car with the best car wash and wax in Kalamazoo. Clean Getaway Car Wash provides the wash your vehicle needs by providing services that only use the best products for your vehicles.

Top to bottom

When you visit Clean Getaway Car Wash, you’ll see why we’re the best car wash and wax in Kalamazoo through the equipment used on your vehicle. From the very top of your car all the way down to the wheels and tires, your car gets blasted with water and cleaning materials that are sure to leave it spotless. Between the high-pressure rinse and high velocity dry, your car comes out without pesky water spots.

Save time

If you have ever waxed your car by hand, you know how much time is necessary to ensure that you get every spot. Between application and removal of the wax, it can be an hour-long process that may not fit into your regular schedule, and it may be the last thing you want to do when you finally do have time for it. By visiting Clean Getaway Car Wash at our Crossroads location, you can choose to, on top of your regular wash and rinse, get an undercoat protectant with Turtle Wax products applied as a finishing touch. Turtle Wax is a well-known name in the car wax industry, and Clean Getaway Car Wash uses their products because of their long track record of success with vehicles.

For the best car wash and wax in Kalamazoo, Clean Getaway Car Wash has everything you need. To get a better idea of how our wash and wax can help you in the coming winter, give us a visit and get your car cleaned today!