Have Your Car Detailed at Clean Getaway in Kalamazoo Before You Sell It

There is no doubt that you’re more likely to get more money for your car if it appears to be in good condition. First impressions are important, and a cleaned and detailed car definitely leaves the impression that the car has been well cared for. A good looking car, truck, SUV, van, or motorcycle will definitely pull in more prospective buyers and may mean hundreds or even thousands more dollars in your pocket.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just trading your vehicle in to a dealership or selling it privately, you should have your car detailed at Clean Getaway in Kalamazoo either way. Whether it be a professional at a dealership or an individual buyer, if the exterior and interior of the car does not appear to be properly maintained, the idea is planted in their head that the engine and mechanical elements of the vehicle were probably not taken care of either – this is also an excellent reason to have the engine cleaned. When the buyer pops the hood, they will be confident the car is in great condition.

At Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center in Kalamazoo, we know how much of an investment a vehicle is for many people. Beyond getting more value out of your vehicle if you’re looking to sell or trade, having regular auto detailing done will ensure that your car, truck, SUV, or van is in good shape at all times. If you’re planning on selling or trading in your car, do not hesitate to call Clean Getaway to schedule your auto detailing appointment. If you don’t, you may miss out on hundreds of dollars!