Your Kalamazoo Auto Detail Center Discusses Hazards to Your Vehicle’s Paint

While everyone who owns a vehicle is aware of, and has experienced, the hazards discussed below most people don’t know that they can cause lasting damage to a vehicle’s paint. In this post, Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center in Kalamazoo discusses common hazards to a vehicle’s paint.

Common Hazards

Tree byproducts

There are a lot of tree byproducts that can cause damage to your vehicle’s paint. Eastern cottonwood trees, for example, drop sticky seeds that stick to everything. Tree sap can also cause a lot of problems with your vehicle’s paint. The sap acts almost like glue and can damage your wax and paint. Do not let sap sit on your vehicle too long – instead remove it safely with tar remover or clay bar. Be sure to follow up with a wax to protect your vehicle further.


Beyond collecting on your windshield, obstructing your vision, and making your vehicle look bad, insects can actually damage your paint because of the acid they contain.


An overfilled tank or mishandling the nozzle can cause gasoline to get on your vehicle’s paint which may cause a stain. If you notice that you have spilled any gasoline, wipe it away so the stain does not become permanent.

Bird poop

While everyone can agree that bird poop on your vehicle is unattractive, it can also cause damage to your paint if it is not removed. It’s important to be careful when removing the bird droppings, though. There are often seeds or other abrasive materials that can scratch your paint.