How Our Water Makes Your Car Wash Better

Have you ever washed your vehicle only to be disappointed afterward by finding spotting? Those annoying round spots are caused by rinsing with hard water. The minerals in the water stay behind when the rinse water evaporates… unless you have our reverse osmosis soft water! We want to go the extra mile to make your automatic car wash experience better. With that in mind we invested in state-of-the-art technology and we made sure our water was going to give you the cleanest rinse possible.

Wash It All Away

No matter what you drive – a car, mini-van, dually truck, or an SUV – when you go to the car wash you want to drive away in a clean vehicle without spots. Our state-of-the-art technology has the capability to measure your vehicle to make sure you’re the same distance away from all of the sprayers, giving you a thorough and complete rinse. That way you can get a wash that has been individualized to whatever size vehicle you’re driving.

Our Water Is A Soft Touch

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are one of the only car washes in Michigan that uses soft water instead of reclaimed water, as well as reverse osmosis water to give you a fantastic rinse.  We want you to drive away feeling great about your clean vehicle. When you drive through our automatic wash you can leave the dirt, bugs, and spots behind.

Working For You

We want you to know we’re committed to getting you a great car wash. Our automatic car wash is less than two years old, and our water won’t leave those pesky hard water spots behind. Even when vehicles are different, drivers all want the same thing, a clean wash. Drive on in to one of our locations today for a Clean Getaway.