Invest in Monthly Memberships at Your Car Wash and Wax in Kalamazoo

As a trusted and dependable car wash and wax in Kalamazoo, Clean Getaway Car Wash is proud to bring monthly clubs that give you the membership wash you need, when you need it. Providing the same great service as our standard way of washing, your vehicles get the quality auto clean that can dependably remove even the worst grime and leave them protected until future washes.

The right level

Depending on what kind of wash and protection you want for your vehicle, the Crossroads Clean Getaway Car Wash offers three different levels of cleaning and waxing for you to take advantage of. From the regular wash that is a basic car wash cycle to the fire & ice option that includes high-grade wax and instant shine, you can get simple washes if you like to wax your car by your own hand, or get everything taken care of in one visit.

Excellent water

Utilizing soft water instead of reclaimed water, Clean Getaway Car Wash’s water works to clean your vehicle, but doesn’t leave water spots on your vehicle from overly-mineralized water. This as well as reverse osmosis with our water dually work to ensure that you get the clean you need without annoying water spots lingering afterword. And, when you invest in a monthly club of higher rates, you get no spots, as well as a shiny finish from the Turtle wax included.

Latest technology

With so many car wash options available, you may be asking, why Clean Getaway? Well, our automatic car washes are less than two years old and use state-of-the-art technology to give you the car wash and wax in Kalamazoo you can depend on. They measure your vehicle to check that it is the equidistant from each sprayer, guaranteeing an even wash every time you visit.

When you want a car wash or a car wash and wax that will leave your vehicle spotless, trust in Clean Getaway Car Wash. Check out our monthly clubs and see which works best for you for a consistent clean!