Keep Your Car Smelling Great In Between Express Interior Auto Detailing Appointments

There is nothing worse than getting into a vehicle that smells bad… it hits you like a wall even if it’s subtle. While your best option is to come see us at Clean Getaway for professional Express Interior auto detailing, there are also a number of air freshener types, available in a wide range of scents, that can keep your vehicle smelling great in between visits to Clean Getaway.

Gel Pack Air Fresheners

Gel packs, available in a range of scents, are incredibly long-lasting without being overpowering. Typically, the gel is in a small container with vents that you can put under your seat or elsewhere in your vehicle. Gel pack air fresheners are known for outlasting other air freshener types.

Spray Air Fresheners

A lot of people use spray air fresheners in their homes and their vehicles. While sprays are nowhere near as long-lasting as gel packs, they work instantly. Depending on your needs, you can find sprays that are odor neutralizing for added effectiveness against tough odors instead of just covering the bad smell up.

Plug-In and Vent Clip Air Fresheners

Plug-in air fresheners and vent clip air fresheners include those that can plug into your battery charger or clip to your vents. Among the most popular types of vehicle air fresheners, vent clips really make your car smell great when it’s running, and the heat or air conditioning is turned on.

Hanging Air Fresheners

When you hear “hanging air fresheners” you probably immediately think of the trees that so many of us use. However, there are a lot of different types of hanging air fresheners on the market. These are popular because they are inexpensive and not overpowering. They are also available almost anywhere – even grocery stores.

If air fresheners just aren’t cutting it, come see us at Clean Getaway Express Interior auto detailing today!