Monthly Memberships Help Protect Paint at Your Car Wash in Kalamazoo

As winter begins to rear its cold head, it won’t be long before heavy salt and slush make their way onto our roads, meaning that it is the best time of year to join monthly memberships at a car wash in Kalamazoo. Clean Getaway Car Wash has monthly membership opportunities available for anyone who needs quality car washing every time they visit. A great way to preserve paint and protect your vehicle from harsh winter conditions, Clean Getaway welcomes everyone to come through for an auto wash with us.

Effective cleaning every time

Each time that you stop in to Clean Getaway Car Wash, you get an auto wash that will not let you down. Our monthly members appreciate the accessibility and effectiveness of the wash that they can receive all winter long to help them maintain the condition of their vehicle. If you have any concerns about your car’s paint, undercarriage, wheels, and more when faced with salt that could cause rust, count on Clean Getaway to wash it all away.

Options for a car wash in Kalamazoo

When looking for a great car wash in Kalamazoo, it often can depend on what the wash offers to you as to whether you want to stop or not. Clean Getaway Car wash offers each of our different levels of wash for our monthly club. This means anyone coming through can sign up for standard washes during the month with a membership, or they can get the deep clean including wax to really ensure that their vehicle is protected all winter long.

Locally owned and operated, Clean Getaway Car Wash takes the care and attention to deliver a great wash to our customers every time they visit. Stop in and sign up for a monthly membership to get you through winter months!