Pamper Your Pup at Our Dog Wash

Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center offers more than just a great place to wash your car – you can also bring your dog here for a self-service wash. Due to how easy and efficient it is to wash your furry friend with us, the self-service dog wash is extremely popular with our customer base. Featuring an elevated wash tub large enough for any size dog, you can give your pet a thorough cleaning without having to worry about a mess to clean up in your own bathroom. In today’s post, we will look at the benefits of bringing your doggy to Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center for a great wash.

Let Us Do the Dirty Work

Giving your dog a bath can be fun and frustrating at the same time, with the main issue being cleaning the dirt and hair from your tub when the bath is finished. Our employees will worry about cleaning out the tub when you are finished with your visit, making our dog wash a quick, convenient option to make sure your furry friend has a clean, shiny coat. The dog wash doesn’t require a reservation, so all you have to do is bring your dog down during our normal business hours. You can kill two birds with one stone by cleaning your car and your dog in one fell swoop. Making things even more convenient, we accept any form of payment for our dog wash.

Steps for Using Our Self-Service Dog Wash

Our Evolution self-service dog wash uses TropiClean products, which are all-natural and soap-free. This means your doggie will get a thorough cleaning without swallowing any harmful chemicals or getting them into their eyes.

First, you will give your dog a gentle berry shampoo dispensed directly through the hose for an initial cleaning and rinse. The dog will then receive a gentle flea and tick shampoo to protect them from harmful pests. After rinsing the flea and tick shampoo, your dog will receive a kiwi conditioner that will give your pet a beautiful shiny coat. From there, you will be able to blow dry the dog in our disinfection tub.

The self-service dog wash costs $10 for 10 minutes of service, allowing you to give your dog a thorough cleaning without the chore of having to clean out your tub. If you have any questions about our self-service dog wash station, feel free to contact us.