Prevent Buildup with Frequent Touchless Car Cleaning in Kalamazoo

With colder temperatures upon us and township vehicles blasting the roads with salt every time we get a decent amount of snowfall, you can reduce the buildup of grime with frequent car cleanings in Kalamazoo. Clean Getaway Car Wash is open seven days a week with hours of operation throughout the workday, so you have plenty of time to stop in and get the quality wash you need!  When you get a touchless wash from Clean Getaway, you’re getting a wash that’ll leave your car shining.

Stop buildup

The only struggle that touchless car washes may deal with is when you neglect washing your car for too long to the point of having caked-on patches of mud or other debris. By frequently visiting Clean Getaway for your car cleaning in Kalamazoo, you can prevent this buildup from occurring and ensure that your vehicle stays clean throughout the season. Offering monthly clubs and affordable daily prices, Clean Getaway Car Wash can be your dependable car wash when you need it.

Avoid scratching

When salt has crystallized and mud has started sticking from road slush, a touchless car wash with Clean Getaway Car Wash can help clean it off without risking your paint work. Brushes and clothes are meant to be soft when scrubbing your car, but sometimes they can catch these risks like salt and dirt and rub it into the paint of your car unintentionally. This may lead to scratching of the paint, which can be easily avoided when choosing a touchless wash instead. By washing with Clean Getaway, you also get your undercarriage washed, an area that is often overlooked when washing a car that is just as likely to have salt and mud stick and cause corrosion over time.

Clean Getaway Car Wash offers the touchless car cleaning in Kalamazoo that can keep your vehicle clear of road buildup this winter season. Stop in today to get the wash you need!