Refresh Your Driving Experience with a Car Wash and Detail

If social distancing has you down, and you want to put yourself in a better mood with some driving after all this is over, you can go into it feeling refreshed with a car wash and detail from Clean Getaway. Clean Getaway Car Wash and Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center provide you with the resources you need to get a great cleaning, inside and out, for your vehicle. After stopping in at our locations, you’re sure to feel great when you can get back out on the road.

Enjoy the outdoors

When washing your vehicle’s exterior, you can enjoy nicer weather we’re having once you can get out and about again by giving your vehicle a self-service wash. A great way to start off your car wash and detail, you can take the time you need with our top-of-the-line equipment and chemicals to give your vehicle the wash it deserves, all from your own hand! Clean Getaway Car Wash only provides the best, so when you need to get the outside of your vehicle cleaned, trust in our equipment to do the job.

Inner cleaning

Once your exterior is taken care of, you can also get a great detailing job done to complete your car wash and detail. Offering different service packages to get the exact washing that you might be looking for, Clean Getaway is your one-stop-shop for an automotive clean. Whether it’s applying paint sealant or shampooing and vacuuming the interior of your vehicle, Clean Getaway ensures a satisfactory clean every time you bring your vehicle in.

Open seven days a week and always ready to help get your vehicle as clean as can be, Clean Getaway can help with your car wash and detail once businesses are open and ready to receive customers once again. Keep an eye out for when we open and you can get the clean you need for driving in style!