Save Yourself from the Cold with a Quality Auto Car Wash

We’ve finally started hitting the low temperatures of winter, and Clean Getaway is here to help you stay warm with a quality auto car wash in Kalamazoo. Winter can be harsh on our cars, but, here in the Midwest, it’s also harsh on our bodies when windchills reach the low negatives. If your car is accumulating salt from the slush on roadways and is in need of a wash, keep yourself comfortable with Clean Getaway.

Soft water in winter

At Clean Getaway Car Wash, we use soft water at each of our locations to make sure your car gets the best wash while you roll through. While you sit in the warmth of your vehicle in our auto car wash, you know that your car is getting the best wash possible with our soft water. That coupled with reverse osmosis to wash and rinse your vehicle will leave your car spotless.

Protection in winter

With both our Kalamazoo and Portage locations have the option of wax along with your wash to make sure that rust doesn’t affect your car too badly during the winter months. You see it all the time with vehicles in the Midwest that have been driving on snowy, salted roads, and you can avoid the bottom rust from hitting your car too hard by keeping up with wash and waxing at a quality car wash.

Ultimate care

Clean Getaway’s KL/Drake location offers the option of a touchless car wash for the best possible safe wash for your vehicle. Cleaning around and under your car without any risk of scratching involved, a touchless wash guarantees your vehicle a spotless wash without any fear.

Owned and operated for over 40 years, Clean Getaway Car Wash is the best soft water auto car wash for you to stay warm in this winter.