Self-Service Car Wash vs. Automatic Car Wash – Which is Right for You?

Customers are often curious about whether they should choose the self-service car wash or the automatic car wash. Is one method better than the other? We want you to know that they’re both great choices. Here are some tips for deciding which one is right for you and your vehicle:

Do you want to do the work? Are you the type of car owner that likes to wash your vehicle yourself? If you love to personally scrub every inch of your car yourself, the self-service car wash is definitely for you. If you’re taking your garage queen out for a wash, our bays have everything you need to take her back home sparkling. From state-of-the-art bay meters, to our booms, wands, and soap, our high quality equipment will get your vehicle cleaned to your satisfaction.

Are you interested in a quick fix? If you’re in a hurry, and are happy to roll up your windows and let our attendants and machinery do the work, you’ll be happy to glide through our automatic car wash. From the foaming presoak, to the undercarriage wash to a dynamic clear coat rinse, our different wash options will take care of your vehicle top to bottom.

Finish The Job With Soft Water. Whichever service you use, our car washes use only soft water that is treated with reverse osmosis. That soft water gives you the best wash and rinse possible. Soft water gives you the closest rinse you’ll get to a spot free finish when you can’t towel dry.

We appreciate both our self-service and automatic car wash customers. Although you might not agree on your car wash methods, everyone wants a clean vehicle. Make sure you make a clean getaway in your car, minivan, SUV, or truck with either the self-serve or automatic options!