Seven Auto Body Paint Issues and Ways to Prevent Them from Your Kalamazoo Auto Detail Center

Dirt & dust

If dust, dirt, or other contaminants become mixed with the paint it may be visible after the paint dries. To avoid dirt or dust being mixed with your paint, make sure that the tools and equipment you use are clean and free of contaminants.


Bleeding is when you can see the initial paint job through a new coat of automotive paint. An easy and necessary way to prevent this from happening is ensuring that the vehicle is completely clean before you begin applying the new coat of paint.

Fish eyes

Fish eyes, or small paint bubbles, are a common issue when it comes to auto body paint. There are special tools that’s primary purpose is to ensure fish eyes are prevented. These tools along with ensuring a clean surface and draining your air compressor and regulator daily are ways to prevent fish eyes.

Orange peel

When paint droplets form evenly on your car’s surface resembling the peel of an orange, this is called orange peel. Using proper spray gun techniques, painting in ideal conditions, and allowing proper time in between each coat.

Running & sagging paint

Running and sagging paint happens when the paint applies is either too thick or too runny. You should always make sure to use the right amount of paint thinner, paint under ideal conditions, and allow for each coat to dry completely before applying another quote.

Popping solvent

When solvents become trapped within the paint finish, blisters are often created. As with many of the other issues we have covered, the painting surface should be properly cleaned, paint should be applied according to instructions, and each coat should be completely dry before applying the next quote.

Making sure your paint is properly applied and visiting your Kalamazoo auto detail center are great ways to keep your vehicle looking great.