Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips from Clean Getaway Auto Detailing in Kalamazoo

Now that the cold and snowy days of winter are (hopefully) past us, it’s time to start thinking about spring maintenance for your vehicle. Winter can be rough on cars, especially in places like Michigan, and you’re likely to be putting more miles on your car now that spring is here. In this post, we will look at ways you can help to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape through spring and summer.

Change your oil and replace your oil filter. While you should change your vehicle’s oil and oil filter as often as recommended in your owner’s manual, spring is a great time to make sure you’re keeping up on it. By waiting too long to replace your oil you can damage your engine, lower your gas mileage, and reduce your vehicle’s performance.

Check your fluids and replace / top off where needed. The main fluids you should check are your transmission, brake, power steering, windshield wiper, and coolant. If you’re unsure how to check these, please see your owner’s manual. If your fluid levels are unusually low, you may have a leak.

Check and replace your wiper blades if necessary. As mentioned above, the winter can be harsh on your vehicle. You should check your wiper blades to ensure they are not torn, cracked, or otherwise failing.

Have your battery tested. The cold weather of winter can have a negative effect on your battery especially if you have had it awhile. You should have it tested to ensure it’s not going to die unexpectedly.

Check your tires. Check the pressure in your tires to make sure that they’re at the proper pressure as recommended by your owner’s manual. You should also check your tread to make sure that there is enough to drive safely. You should also check for any uneven wear which could be an indication your vehicle is out of alignment. Speaking of alignment, spring is an excellent time to have your alignment checked and corrected.

Make sure all of your lights are working. You should check all of your lights inside, and more importantly, on the outside of your vehicle to ensure that all of them are working properly.

Check your belts, hoses, and filters. The cold weather can do damage to the belts and hoses in your vehicle. You should check them for any damage. You should also check your engine air filter, cabin air filter, and fuel filter and clean/replace them if necessary.

And last but not least, take your vehicle to Clean Getaway auto detailing in Kalamazoo, so that your car is not only running great but looking great, too.