Start Your Spring Cleaning with Your Car

Get the salt and dirt washed off your car this spring at Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is important to get the dirt and debris rinsed from your car for a variety of reasons including avoidance of premature rust, a longer lasting vehicle, and keeps you safe on the road! At Clean Getaway, we offer our customers superior washing so their cars stay clean – longer.

Premature Rust

During the winter months in Michigan, it is inevitable that you are going to get salt all over your car. This is due to the salt on the roads they put on during the winter months to account for ice and snow, which keeps your car from sliding off the road but damaging it with the salt. The chemical reaction of salt will naturally eat away at the metal on your car and that is why it is important to wash your car regularly. Start you spring cleaning this year with your car and avoid premature rust.

Longer Lasting Vehicle

Regular cleanings make for a longer lasting vehicle. This is because debris and dirt can damage the car’s components due to buildup. Keeping your vehicle clean prevents that buildup and keeps your vehicle running to its full potential. This goes for the inside and outside of your vehicle. Don’t let dust choke your AC and controls or let mud cake in your muffler.

Keeps you Safe

Having a clean vehicle keeps you and others on the road safe! If your windows are dirty, it can make it hard to keep a clear line of sight and could potentially cause an accident. If your windows are smeared with dirt and it rains? Your windshields can sweep that into a muddy mess, taking away your ability to see the road.

Avoid potential hazards and clean your car at Clean Getaway Auto Detail Center! We have drive up detailing services and the best automatic car washes in Kalamazoo and Portage. In addition to these services, we have onsite vacuums available and a dog wash. When cleaning your car, choose a trust auto detail center – Clean Getaway.