Stay Clean After a Car Wash in Kalamazoo

When you bring your vehicle to Clean Getaway for a car wash in Kalamazoo, you want to make sure that you have the proper maintenance done to stay clean for a good while after. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting a car wash and it instantly being ruined by chance, but you can reduce the frustration in a few different ways.

Consistent, clean windshield

After your car wash in Kalamazoo, you can guarantee a clean windshield until your next wash by investing in durable, effective wiper blades. With efficient blades, you can keep your windshield spotless, giving you not only a clear view when driving, but a sleek look out on the road. Any streaking, skipping, wear and tear, splitting, or bending of wiper blades are indications that you can use new blades to make your wash last as long as possible.

Stay spotless

With your car wash at Clean Getaway, you can get the ultimate protection by going the extra mile with a wax with your wash. A car wash and wax will not only clean your vehicle and make it the high gloss finish you’re looking for, but it can protect it against water spotting because of rainfall. With a quality car wax, water beads and rolls off your car, keeping it spotless.

Quick cleans

If you live on a dirt road and frequently experience dust on your vehicle, you can maintain your cars fresh look after a wash with the right car duster. Through muddy days because of rain you’ll most likely have to visit Clean Getaway again, but from normal dust or pollen covering your car, you can remove it carefully with ease using a car duster.

Clean Getaway is the best car wash in Kalamazoo to get your vehicle cleaned and protected against the elements. With top-of-the-line products and services, Clean Getaway is always ready to give you the best wash possible.