Steering Wheel or Public Toilet Seat: What’s Dirtier?

Everyone I have asked this question has believed that a public toilet seat is much dirtier than a vehicle’s steering wheel. I mean, what’s dirtier than a public restroom? Well, apparently the average steering wheel. In fact, researchers at Queen Mary University in London have claimed that on an average steering wheel there are 700 different types of bacteria PER SQUARE INCH while public toilet seats produced just over 10% of that at 80 different types of bacteria.

There is a pretty good explanation for this surprising fact. People do not clean their vehicle’s interior nearly as often as they clean other frequently used areas of their homes. The study found that only about 33% of the people surveyed said that they cleaned the interior of their vehicle once a year or more. Even those who do clean their vehicle’s interior, that often means running a vacuum on the floors and maybe cleaning up sticky spills or dust.

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