The Importance of Regular Car Cleaning

We believe in keeping your vehicle clean at our auto detailing center. Regular car maintenance is important, but so is washing the debris away each season. Dirt, grime, and other hazards, such as sap and bird poop can leave permanent damage to your vehicle’s paint. That is why at Clean Getaway, we offer exterior and interior cleaning services – so you can keep your car looking brand new all year. With summer on its way, make sure to get your vehicle detailed today! Ask us about our gift-cards and specials.

Bird poop

No one likes bird poop on their vehicle or window, it can be a hinderance in more ways than one. From visually obstructing your view to damaging your paint, it is an eyesore that should be cleaned off as soon as possible. Birds tend to eat seeds and other abrasive materials, so make sure to wipe it off gently so that it doesn’t scratch your paint. Or better yet, bring it on into Clean Getaway and have our expert technicians remove it for you.


Bugs cause more issues than just a visual stain on your vehicle. They also can be obstructing to your vision and harm your vehicle. Many insects contain acid and that can do more than stain your paint, it can also leave lasting damage. Now that is summer is upon us, make sure to keep your windows and car clean at our auto detailing center.


There are a lot of tree byproducts that can also damage your vehicle’s paint. Eastern cottonwood trees, for example, drop sticky seeds that stick to everything. Tree sap can also cause a lot of problems with your vehicle’s paint. The sap acts almost like glue and can damage your wax and paint. Do not let sap sit on your vehicle too long. The best route is to remove it safely with tar remover or clay bar. Be sure to follow up with a wax to protect your vehicle further!

With our interior and exterior auto detailing, Clean Getaway in Kalamazoo is the ideal place to go get your vehicle cleaned. With our variety of services and packages, your vehicle is guaranteed to leave looking great! Contact us today or pull in for our drive-up services.