Tips for Increasing the Life of Your Windshield Wipers from Your Kalamazoo Auto Detail Company

At Clean Getaway, your Kalamazoo auto detail company, we know that no one enjoys replacing their windshield wipers. Let’s face it, they’re no fun to put on and quality wipers are not cheap. In this post, we will look at some simple tips for increasing the life of your windshield wipers.

Stay out of the sun

While you obviously can’t avoid the sun completely, you should do your best to not park in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) rays may dry out your windshield wipers and cause cracking. Besides protecting your windshield wipers, parking in the shade will also help keep your vehicle’s paint from fading.

Get rid of debris

Instead of turning on your windshield wipers to get rid of debris, you should remove the debris by hand. Leaves, sticks, and other debris can damage the rubber and other components of your wiper blades.

Keep them clean

Any time you wash your vehicle you should also wash your windshield wipers. Even if you go through a automatic car wash, debris and dirt can still be trapped under the blades making them less effective.

Turn them off

For one, you can use windshield treatments that repel droplets of rain, allowing you to see without having your windshield wipers on. You also need to make sure that you turn your wipers off as soon as it stops raining or turn them down if it is raining less and causing them to rub on your windshield.

Don’t use on a frosty windshield

Instead of turning on your wipers in order to get rid of snow, ice, and frost, you should use a snowbrush and scraper while running your defroster. Ice that’s on the windshield can cut up the rubber on your wiper blades and wear them out.