Travel Must-Haves for Your Car this Summer from Clean Getaway Auto Detailing in Kalamazoo

Many people travel in their cars during the summer. Whether it’s a just a long weekend or a more extended vacation, there are a number of essential items you should keep in your vehicle. In this post, Clean Getaway auto detailing in Kalamazoo will look at five things you should make sure to have on hand.

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual. More than likely your owner’s manual is in your glovebox, but it’s best to check before you go. Your owner’s manual is filled with important information about your vehicle including what your dash lights are signaling, what types of oil and other fluids your vehicle needs, or how much pressure is required for your tires.

Jumper cables. Jumper cables are essential when you’re going on a trip in your vehicle. There is nothing worse than being stuck with a dead battery. If your battery is prone to dying, you may also consider a portable car battery charger.

Spare tire or donut: You never know when you may hit a nail or other piece of debris or have a tire failure. Make sure you have a replacement tire, whether it is a full spare or donut, in your vehicle and the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to install it properly.

First aid kit. It’s important to have a first aid kit in your vehicle in case you or your family sustains an injury while on the road – especially when traveling with children!

Blanket. Blankets are good for more than just keeping you warm. You can also use a blanket if you need to get on the ground to change a tire or look underneath your vehicle while you’re out on the road.

And, don’t forget, a great time for a visit to Clean Getaway auto detailing in Kalamazoo is after you’ve gone on trip.