Treat Your Significant Other with a Car Wash and Detail for the Holidays

Christmas is coming up fast, and if you still need an idea for what to give your significant other this holiday season, you can treat their vehicle to a quality car wash and detail at Clean Getaway Car Wash. Without the need to have it prepared for Christmas Day, treating them to a car wash and detail is an IOU that they won’t expect, but will greatly appreciate.

Perfect for winter

Because we get so much ice and snow in the Midwest, road salt is a common issue that gets caked onto the side of vehicles, and with the car wash at Clean Getaway, you can erase any signs of the season. The wheel and tire cleaner as well as under carriage flush included in even our regular wash at the Crossroads location can get the hard to reach places and guarantee a full clean.

Lasting effects

If you get our deluxe package at the Crossroads location, your significant other’s vehicle will get a Turtle Wax coating, keeping their vehicle protected on every future drive through the winter. The detailing job that Clean Getaway does will also make your vehicle seem like new, keeping the inside nicer for longer before you must clean it again.

Give a membership

Clean Getaway Car Wash also offers monthly clubs at our Crossroads location for our regular, deluxe, and fire & ice packages. With the monthly package, your significant other can get their car washed again and again as road salt and mud from snow-laden roads coat their vehicle.

By giving the gift of a clean car inside and out to your significant other, you can raise their pride in the vehicle they drive and save them the time or money of having to clean it themselves. No matter which options you give them from Clean Getaway Car Wash, their sure to be pleased with their car wash and detail.