Wash Off Mud with a Quality Truck Wash

While driving around this summer, you’re bound to have accumulated some grime from driving on dirt roads or on off-road trails, and Clean Getaway is here to provide your truck with the quality truck wash that it deserves. We all love camping trips, hiking trips, and just overall adventuring here in Michigan, and our vehicles will sometimes show for it by collecting dust and dirt. It’s during these times that you can count on Clean Getaway to bring your truck back to pristine condition.

Get your preferred wash

At Clean Getaway, we know everyone has a preference on what type of wash their truck receives, so we provide the options of a regular or touchless truck wash. Whichever you decide is best for your vehicle, they also come with different levels of service, from a simple wash, soak, and dryer, to an overall wash including tires and undercarriage. With the options available at Clean Getaway, your vehicle will get the quality care it deserves, all according to what you need.

A better wash

With Clean Getaway, your truck wash will be better than most other locations you could take your vehicle to. We at Clean Getaway take pride knowing that we are one of the only car washes in Michigan that uses soft water rather than reclaimed water, as well as reverse osmosis water, guaranteeing your truck wash to be the best possible. Say goodbye to water spots post-wash and say hello to a truck cleaning that will leave your vehicle looking better than ever.

For the hot days

If any days happens to be a scorcher, don’t be afraid to try out our self-service truck washing units. Using the same soft water and top-of-the-line cleaning products as our automatic wash, the self-service units at Clean Getaway are a fun way to clean your vehicle and cool off while doing it.

With experience in helping people keep their vehicles clean for over 40 years, Clean Getaway in Kalamazoo is the place to be next time your car or truck needs a wash.