Wash Off Road Trips with Our Automatic Car Wash in Kalamazoo

With summer entering its final month, you can wash off debris left from road tripping with the automatic car wash in Kalamazoo at Clean Getaway. From buildup of dirt, roadway dust, pollen, and more, summer driving can be a grimy experience, even if it is also a fun one. Clean Getaway provides one of the best car wash experiences in Kalamazoo, guaranteeing a great clean every time you visit.

As a local business that has served our community for a long time, Clean Getaway has provided Kalamazoo with great car washes through all seasons, year after year. Open seven days a week, our car wash can provide your vehicles with a wash whenever you need them after a long time on summertime trips.

Reapply protection for the future

When you visit the automatic car wash in Kalamazoo at Clean Getaway, you not only get a great wash for your lingering road trip mess, but you also protect your vehicle from future grime as well when you choose our Deluxe or Fire & Ice washes. Each provides different Turtle Wax that, after your cleaning through the wash, adds a layer of protection against the elements.

By providing waxing after a clean, you ensure that the wax is applied to a fresh surface for the best protection, while saving time getting both a cleaning and a waxing taken care of, all in one visit.

Clean inside and out

While you visit for an automatic car wash in Kalamazoo, you can also get the interior of your vehicle cleaned out as well. Whether its snacks that fell between seats while on the road or dirt linger to tent poles or boots in the back, you may have some of your trip brought back with you on the inside of your car that Clean Getaway can also take care of.

By scheduling interior services with us alongside your car wash, you can clean summer trips away, both inside and out, from your vehicles. Whether you’re getting ready to drive the kids back to school or getting ready for driving for work, our car wash has you covered.

With different options of cleaning available at our automatic car wash in Kalamazoo, any level of summer road trip dust and dirt can get washed away with Clean Getaway. If you have recently returned from a long trip and want to refresh your vehicle for the end of summer, stop by today!