Wash Your Motorcycle with the Best Auto Wash in Kalamazoo

There’s no better time to ride your motorcycle than summer, but after being on the road, you’ll need to stop in to the best auto wash in Kalamazoo. Clean Getaway’s self-service car wash in Kalamazoo is great for cleaning your motorcycle after a long road trip. If you love riding your bike, then do it the service of a quality cleaning at the best wash in Kalamazoo.

Use the best equipment

When you come to the best car wash in Kalamazoo, you get to use the best equipment and facilities. All our materials and bays are properly maintained so you are sure to have a superior experience every time that you come to Clean Getaway. With our self-service bays, you can use the best equipment around, all while staying cool in the summer heat.

Better for your bike

While you are getting the best equipment, you also get the best way to wash your motorcycle when you come to the Kalamazoo Clean Getaway location. One of our bays has a handheld self-service Air Shammee that blow dries all the hard-to-reach locations of your motorcycle. With the best cleaning equipment, chemicals, and specialized tools, there’s no better place to clean and dry your motorcycle.

Soft water washes best

Even if you don’t visit our Kalamazoo location, Clean Getaway offers your bike the best wash possible with soft water. The soft water at all our locations is gentle on your motorcycle, so you can be sure that your vehicle gets clean in the most efficient and gentle way possible.

Owned and operated for 40 years, Clean Getaway Car Wash gives you the best rinse and wash possible for your vehicles. With locations in both Kalamazoo and Portage, Clean Getaway is never too far away to offer a top-of-the-line automatic and self-service car wash services.