Why you should Include Car Washes and Details as Part of your Regular Maintenance

We all know how important regular maintenance is for our vehicles. We carefully schedule our oil changes and schedule checkups, but are you including regular car washes and details as part of your maintenance schedule? Clean Getaway shares these reasons why you should start considering regular car washes as part of your vehicle’s basic maintenance routine.

Cleaning Removes Dirt

While this first point seems obvious, the reality is that many don’t realize just how much and how easily dirt can accumulate in and on your vehicle. As you accumulate this dirt, it can become ground into your upholstery and increase wear and tear or settle onto the exterior of your vehicle where it can create problems with your paint job. Large particles such as small hard rocks stuck in mud can scratch your paint, and small particles like dust can damage interior components such as your air conditioning system and make you go through your cabin filters much faster. Keep in mind, the longer exterior stains and similar damage go untreated, the more likely they are to go beyond your topcoat and damage the paint job itself. This can become very expensive to repair.

Keeping your car clean can enhance your resale value

Regularly cleaning your vehicle will keep it in the best shape it can be in. This kind of regular maintenance will help you retain as much value as possible. This is especially important for leases or any vehicle you don’t plan to keep long-term. Regular car washes, and ideally regular internal details, will keep your car fresh, clean, and will minimize the appearance of natural wear and tear. Regular care also means you have eyes on some of those nooks and crannies you don’t notice normally, this can help you catch any small bits of damage that can become worse over time. Small cracks in leather seats, small tears in upholstery, a leak in a door seal that’s causing water damage when it rains – all are issues that can be caught and addressed before they create a bigger headache.

Driving is more comfortable in a clean vehicle

It’s no surprise that a clean vehicle is more pleasant to take a drive in. Reducing clutter and maintaining a clean vehicle can reduce your stress while you’re on the road. The average commute for Michiganders is just shy of 30 minutes, with some stretching to an hour or more! That’s a lot of time spent in your vehicle, and you deserve to enjoy a clean, organized space.

We’ve all been there, your boss or maybe a new friend suddenly asks you if you don’t mind giving him or her a lift and you find yourself pausing, thinking about what your car looks like right then. If you’re including regular washes and internal details in your maintenance schedule, you won’t need to worry about any embarrassment. No strange smells, awkward stains, or worn-down floor mats with accumulated dirt will cause you any stress. You’ll be able to confidently answer yes, knowing that you’re putting your best foot forward.

Clean Getaway offers convenient options for those looking to include regular car washes and details as part of their maintenance schedule. We offer monthly packages that can help save you money on quality car washes and we also provide detail services. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings!